She just smiled, you know, that “Effy smile”, that means, “You don’t know me at all. You never will”. But I do know her and I know that she has got so much love in her heart but the thought of letting it out, showing her cards, scares her to death.

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Representing all the women,Salute!

(inspired by x)

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helena + outfits

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  • kiki&jiji
  • mei&chibi totoro
  • sophie&heen
  • chihiro&boh                                                                     
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#people who don’t like Nine don’t deserve him anyway

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  I find that it’s easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

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harry potter series + a short summary

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Fortune  favors  the  brave,  dude.

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COSMIC LOVE: HANGOVER HELL TO ELECTRIC HEAVEN. Cosmic Love was composed in about an hour: I had a hangover crushing down on me and when the song arrived it came as sweet release. That name was always a joke: a bad working title that’s ended up sticking to it forever: neither the words ‘Cosmic’ or ‘Love’ appear at any point in the lyrics. The song is about being blinded by love. At first you want to escape, to find your way out of the darkness. You see a map in the stars above and you know that you can find your way back home, but then you realise that your love is the darkness, so you decide to stay: you give yourself willingly to a starless existence. Pretty much just that, yep. A lot of people read this song in a lot of different ways. I like that a lot and I encourage it. David Vann - one of my favourite writers out - once wrote something beautiful for me about this song. I will always be grateful for that. I drifted through a dreamy day making the dreamy video for Cosmic Love. I danced around in whirls of smoke and autumn leaves and a bazillion lightbulbs, me all catsuited, hot to the point of hallucination. I love the dress that Petra made: hundreds of little lights congregating around the heart: my electric blood, electric love. This is my favourite song from the album, so the video had to be special. I knew I wanted my friends Tabitha and Tom to direct it. I think it’s the best video so far and I hope you like it. As I was typing this I found another leaf in my hair … x

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